About Us

GeneClick.org is a non-profit entity.

We foster a central idea that knowledge dissemination in biology should be free of cost. Our ideations are based on providing info on established biochemistry phenomenon that are taught at high school to under graduate and graduate level courses.

We aim to provide high quality data on sophisticated, easy to use and understand interface, using the web. Our data is "curated" during collection as well as when viewed for in-depth, detailed analyses.

At the moment we are developing algorithms and codes to handle information on protein data at a very basic level. Our goal is to provide a compendium of physiology related enzymes for the purpose of evolutionary biology related teaching and learning.

GeneClick.org utilizes well known databases which are freely available on the web. We organize and showcase data and metadata with an emphasis on comparing genes/proteins from model organisms used in developing biology concepts.

For any specific information, do give your details. We shall contact you.